Health care is a basic human right. Imagine having a heart attack in an area with no doctors.

Imagine a child with cancer and no cancer specialists.

The Keys of Health Fellowship identifies developing areas that lack critically needed subspecialist physicians. Working with local health care teams, outstanding local physicians are carefully selected to train in world-class facilities. Once their training is completed, these exceptional physicians return to their region, serving as leaders in health care improvement and provision of world class clinical care.

Our Fellows
Keys of Health Fellows 2020 Selection
Dr. Mohammed Nu'Man Nephrology Mohammad graduated medical school in 2011, then internal medicine residency and dual Arab and Palestinian board certification in 2017. He looks forward to training in nephrology to lead setting up a board certification process for nephrology in Palestine soon!
Dr. Abdulfattah Shalalfeh Nephrology "The Keys of Health Fellowship fills the gap in subspecialties that is lacking in Palestine. This is an essential training opportunity to improve the qualify of medical care." Abdul graduated fourth in his medical school class in 2014, then earned his internal medicine board certification in 2019. He was selected the Chief Resident of the top residency training program in the region (Al-Makassed Hospital). He is trilingual (English, Arabic and Hebrew) and is excited for his Keys of Health Fellowship to study nephrology.
Keys of Health Fellows 2019 Selection
Dr. Ahmad Qaqoor Critical Care Medicine/Pulmonary Medicine "Earning this Fellowship will improve access to better health care today and prepare for the unknowns of tomorrow." Ahmad graduated medical school in 2012, then internal medicine residency and board certification in 2018. He is thrilled to be selected as a Keys of Health fellow, to become Palestine's third board certified respirologist! His favorite sports team is the Toronto Raptors!
Dr. Bayan Abu Alrub Endocrinology Bayan graduated medical school at Al-Quds University in 2013, and earned her internal medicine board certification in 2019. She currently works at Makassad Hospital, and is excited to pursue her dream of becoming an endocrinologist. West Bank has a gap in the care of people with endocrine conditions (eg. thyroid disease, diabetes) that Bayan is excited to meet!
Dr. Mohammad Jamal Gharbeyah Critical Care Medicine "For me, earning this fellowship will save many people's lives." Mohammad graduated medical school in 2009, then earned his internal medicine board certification in 2018. He currently works as an internal medicine specialist. His additional training in critical care medicine will meet an unmet need in West Bank. In his spare time, he enjoys watching football and reading.
Keys of Health Fellows 2018 Selection
Dr. Hani Rjoob Endocrinology Hani graduated from medical school at the University of Jordan (Amman) in 2009, then earned his Internal Medicine board certification in 2015. He currently works in Hebron and Ramallah, where he hopes to return as the region’s first endocrinologist. In Hani’s spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children.
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